The Environment

We must protect our environment and wean ourselves off of habits and resources that damage it. But the path to a greener future lies not in impossible global climate treaties, crushing fuel taxes or regulations that suppress jobs and business. The key is technology. Shale gas, for example, does not just burn cleaner and create thousands of high-paying jobs. America’s newfound bounty of natural gas is reducing our dependence on coal, the worst carbon emitter of all. Advances in shale drilling technology have allowed us to safely replace coal with a much more environmentally friendly energy source. Similarly, advances in communications technology are reducing the need of working Americans to spend so many hours (and thousands of dollars) driving cars. With the ability to work and shop over the internet, we’re burning much less oil and gas. The best strategy for our environment is to invest in technology that continues to make our activities both greener and cheaper. Taxing commuters and fining business owners is both more expensive and less effective.
What has Brad Sherman done? In 17 years, Brad Sherman has never authored a single bill related to the environment. On his website, the environment section is blank.
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