Public Safety

To stem the tide of neighborhood crime, there are no substitutes for strong families, great schools and good jobs. The vast majority of crimes are committed not from malice but from socioeconomic desperation. Parents, teachers and communal organizations like houses of worship have a big role to play in giving our young and needy the tools to pursue lives free of crime. But while citizens can elevate respect for the law, they cannot enforce it. That’s the job of our police force. Unfortunately, through chronic fiscal mismanagement by politicians, the Los Angeles Police Department and others across the country are suffering from erratic budget cuts, unfunded pensions, and a lack of qualified recruits. This is harming both morale and effectiveness. We need a robust police force that isn’t just dispatched once a crime has already been committed, but one that can engage in frequent neighborhood patrols to prevent crime in the first place. We need a police force that doesn’t just rush to the calls of individual victims, but reliably maintains communal safety. This requires not just training and personnel, but budgetary stability for our police departments and financial security for our officers. Los Angeles currently has a $10 billion unfunded pension liability. This is unacceptable—our law enforcement budgets and police pensions must be made solvent and stable. That requires political leadership that can make tough and prudent fiscal decisions. 
What has Brad Sherman done? In 17 years, Brad Sherman has never authored a single bill related to public safety. The issue is not mentioned on his website.
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