Healthcare in America was in bad shape before President Obama, and he was right to tackle the issue head-on. Unfortunately, Obamacare created several new problems for each original problem it tried to solve. Premiums and care prices are rising even as people are losing the doctors and health plans they were told they could keep. Meanwhile, the law’s primary goal – to expand access to insurance – isn’t being achieved. While everyone believes we need to fix the preexisting condition and portability problems, Obamacare as it stands simply does not deliver high quality care at an affordable cost to enough people. But going back to the pre-Obamacare era is not an option. That’s why I am glad to see so many reform bills being proposed. In the House and Senate and at the state-level too, bipartisan fixes to our broken healthcare system are on the table. These proposals include extending the employer tax deduction to individuals, allowing states to opt-out while preserving catastrophic coverage for individuals, and premium support to provide subsidies for elderly Americans. These are great starts, but we must go even further. Everything from medical education, overtreatment, hospital pricing systems, and the number of liability lawsuits make healthcare in America far more expensive than it should be. The goal must be to reduce costs by making healthcare a genuine marketplace in which Americans are real consumers. Obamacare, alas, restricts the power of ordinary people to shape the plans they’re offered. Unless we allow companies to compete for your business and let you have a say in the products they offer, costs will continue to soar, and millions of people will remain uninsured.
What has Brad Sherman done? In 17 years, he has never authored a single bill related to healthcare. When asked at a Town Hall meeting in 2013 to explain the Affordable Care Act, he was unable.
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