National Security

The world is not a safer place when the United States withdraws from it. Trade and security depend on the strength of our military. Peace depends on the assurances of our leaders and the power of our alliances. People longing for liberty and freedom depend on our example. American prosperity and security is put at grave risk when the United States decides to turn its back. Slashing the defense budget, hollowing out our military, spurning our global commitments and shunning our alliances is a recipe for disaster. This does not mean spending more blood and treasure on more foreign conflicts. It means staying engaged and taking the necessary steps to keep the world peaceful, secure and prosperous for the U.S. and its allies. In Congress, I will fight to maintain adequate defense spending, give fair pay to our servicemen and women, stand with our allies, fulfill our treaty obligations, and confront our global challenges. ‘Nation-building at home’ is a complement to, not a substitute for an active foreign policy.

What has Brad Sherman done? Despite growing international crises, he supported massive cuts to our to defense budget by voting against the National Security and Job Protection Act. Sherman also recently voted against a bill to appropriate funds for the Department of Homeland Security, which despite his opposition was passed and signed by President Obama. Just last year, he voted against a bill to allow the federal government to share its intelligence with the private sector, favoring instead total government control of critical information.

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