Jobs and The Economy

The future of our economy depends on our ability to create new jobs. Everyone knows the unemployment rate is too high and that solutions to solve the problem are not coming from Washington. Politicians make promises they know they can’t keep, like bringing all manufacturing jobs home from China. They also make promises they know won’t fix the problem, like routinely extending temporary unemployment benefits. What we really need to do is reform the obstacles that stand in the way of job creation: over-taxation, over-regulation, and an education system that’s failing to prepare students for the jobs available. Removing these barriers is more a matter of necessity than principle. We need to make it easier for entrepreneurs to start new businesses, for business owners to expand, and for those eager for work to find and keep it. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently found that California, with some of the highest levels in the country of taxation and red tape, ranks at the very bottom in job creation and employment. As a result, California is losing jobs not just to China, but to more business-friendly states like Texas. Los Angeles in particular is the only U.S. city to have a net decline in jobs over the last decade. The solution is not to eliminate all taxes and regulations, but to tax and regulate more efficiently. While ensuring fairness and raising the revenue we need, we must stop discouraging entrepreneurs from taking risks and businesses from hiring new employees.

What has Brad Sherman done? In 2009-2010, he authored H.R. 6384, a bill to eliminate ‘Right-to-Work’ laws, which allow workers to chose for themselves whether or not to unionize. It would have made non-unionization illegal. When the bill failed, Sherman quickly erased it from his website.

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