I believe strongly in school choice. Rich kids already get to choose what kind of education they get. I believe other children should too. Middle class and poor children are forced into their local public school regardless of how good or bad it is. But no school should be given a monopoly on our children’s education. Parents need to have the ability to immediately offer their children access to a better school. That’s why I support vouchers and charter schools. This does not mean pitting the interests of teachers and administrators against those of parents and students. Every family knows that great schools are made by great teachers and administrators. Charter schools are so effective precisely because they free teachers from red tape and conformity to a uniform model. Charters can experiment with everything from testing and performance pay to online learning and vocational training, allowing teachers to discover what works best for their students. But charters are only the beginning—voucher programs are perhaps the most promising reform to date. I strongly support vouchers because they give more power than ever to parents. As the people with the greatest knowledge of their children’s needs and learning styles, parents should be empowered to shape the opportunities available in their school districts. The old one-size-fits-all model of public education is failing to meet the growing needs of our children. Empowering parents, encouraging innovation and freeing teachers will allow our school system to deliver the quality of education our children deserve.
What has Brad Sherman done? He opposes charter schools and voucher programs, which are favored by both President Obama and Governor Jerry Brown. He also opposes performance pay, which would allow schools to reward good teachers. On his website, the education section is blank.
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