Armenia has a genuine claim on America’s attention. During World War One, Armenians were the victims of the 20th-century’s first genocide. Under the USSR, they were persecuted by Stalin and targeted by Soviet forces. Today, an independent Armenia faces an aggressive and imperial Vladimir Putin to its north. Worst of all, hundreds of thousands of Armenians are again being displaced and killed, this time under the brutal regime of Syria. Armenians have long been a vibrant and valued community in America, and their congressmen owe it to them to show that the United States stands with Armenia. Congress should take two steps to prove that support: immediately aid the Armenians under attack in Syria, and broker an admission to the reality of the Armenian genocide by the Turkish government.
What has Brad Sherman done? Unfortunately, he only mentions Armenia when elections are near. Despite years of promising his constituents that he takes the issue seriously, there are no legislative accomplishments to show for it.
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